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Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell is a Co-founder of DemandWerks

For over 25 years, Mike Campbell has participated in and led many of the world's most successful traditional/digital branding and marketing efforts. His creative influence can be felt on American culture. Mike has been the recipient of every major industry creative award, including the Emmy, Clios, Addys, Andy’s, Gold Lion at Cannes, The One Show and Art Directors Gold honors, among others.

Mike Campbell's Background

Mike Campbell's Experience

Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer at DemandWerks

October 2013 - Present | NY, NY

DemandWerks is a highly experienced consulting firm. We show clients how to create demand while reducing risk for investors. To drive long-term value, demand creation is the target every successful business needs to hit. The needs of your consumers and customers are at the core of your business and of our practice.

Co-Founder/Partner at New Think Creative

October 2011 - October 2013 | Bronxville NY

New Think Creative is a creative marketing consultancy whose mission is helping small and emerging businesses out-smart their marketing budgets so that they can compete in the marketplace with anybody. We’ve revolutionized the marketing for the world’s most famous brands: Apple, Visa, GE, Rolex, Pizza Hut, and Dominos, to name a few (Yes, we have an intimate relationship with pepperoni.) We know the elements of explosive marketing. And we have the awards, and the scars, to prove it. Small businesses don’t fail because their marketing budget can’t afford primetime network television commercials. They fail because they can’t afford to hire the marketing talent behind these killer marketing ideas. We are that talent. We are the big ideas behind the biggest companies. But our passion isn’t for the big guys anymore. We’re ready for the fun part: bringing the big ideas to your small business, on your terms. Our diverse experience and ability can adapt to your needs. We can consult for a single campaign. Or we’ll come aboard for the long haul, to help you build and manage your brand from the ground up. If you can’t out-spend your competitors with a bigger budget, it’s time to out-smart them with bigger ideas. It’s time to out-smart the small-thinking marketing budget that wants to hold you back. We’re New Think Creative, and we’re your small-thinking budget’s worst enemy. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer at Rockefeller Consulting/Insight Capitalists

2004 - 2011

Mike Campbell was a Co-founder of Rockefeller Consulting/Insight Capitalists. (RC/IC) is committed to providing world-class business services to a wide array of enterprises via our proprietary Enterprise DNA (eDNA) Alignment Model™. The central premise of eDNA is that high performing companies - regardless of size or industry - have a high degree of alignment across the stakeholder groups and enterprise units who participate in the creation and delivery of the promise of that company’s value proposition. RC/IC integrates leading-edge technologies and proven business practices to help companies identify areas of misalignment and to provide insights, tools and leadership in the remediation of identified challenges.

Chief Creative Officer at JWT

2001 - 2004

Chief Creative Officer of J. Walter Thompson. Under Mike’ Campbell's leadership, J. Walter Thompson'’s flagship New York office was widely recognized for its creative success, receiving an award from Adweek as the Eastern Agency of the Year ” within a year of his arrival. He managed 125-person creative department and the print and television production groups. During his three year tenure as Chief Creative Officer, J. Walter Thompson and its clients received broad recognition for excellence, including three Cannes Lions. USA Today ranked two of the campaigns developed by Mike and his team – for Lipton Iced Tea and Trident Gum –in their top 10 Super Bowl Ad Meter. New accounts for J. Walter Thompson with Domino'’s Pizza, Novell, Celebrex, Unilever, and others were secured during this time.

Executive Creative Director, EVP/Member of Board of Directors BBDO New York at BBDO Worldwide

1986 - 2001

Mike Campbell held positions of increasing responsibility at BBDO, where he created and oversaw compelling and famous advertising campaigns for Apple, FedEx, HBO, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Visa, Texaco, Frito-Lay, Duracell, The New York Stock Exchange and US Navy. He was named a Senior Creative Director in 1994 and was elected to the BBDO New York Board of Directors in 1998. Among Mike’s many award winning-campaigns are the “Golden Package” spot for FedEx and the celebrated “Donald and Ivana” Stuffed Crust Pizza campaign for Pizza Hut. His portfolio of Super Bowl spots includes the memorable “Mario Cuomo and Ann Richards” commercial for Doritos and “Apology” commercial for FedEx, during which color bars ran across the screen feigning a “lost videotape” of the commercial. Mike’s “Laundromat” spot for Doritos launched Ally Landry into stardom, made her a household name, and was voted one of the “Ten Best Super Bowl Commercials Ever” by USA TODAY.

Chief Creative Officer/Managing Director at Atmosphere/BBDO

1999 - 2000

In 1999, Mike Campbell added to his digital credentials by becoming a Founding Partner in Atmosphere, BBDO's integrated, full-service digital branding agency. He served as its Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director, returning to BBDO in 2000 with the title of Executive Vice President.

Executive Creative Director, EVP at BBDO New York

1986 - 2000

Mike Campbell's Education

School Of Visual Arts

Media Arts

Concentration: Illustration

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